Medical, non-powdered PPE gloves provide a barrier method. They fall under two categories; sterile and non-sterile. Non-sterile gloves are suitable for use when dealing with suspected or infected COVID-19 patients. These are in fact used for the majority of non-surgical medical procedures.

Medical, non-sterile PPE gloves may be manufactured from latex, vinyl or nitrile. 

Non-sterile gloves are not usually sterilised by the manufacturer. However, after sterilisation, they must be tested to ensure that they meet the FDA’s standard assurance level (SAL). 

Good hand hygiene must be adhered to when handling PPE gloves. The wearer should wash their hands prior to use and immediately after removing the gloves. It is important to limit touch contamination when wearing gloves by not touching surfaces and adjusting other PPE whilst wearing gloves. 

Gloves are intended for single-use and should be discarded carefully after use. Gloves must cover the cuff of the PPE gown so as not to expose the wrist. 

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